4G Cellular SMS I/O Controller

ZigSense model
ZS4G-SMS is a compact I/O controller utilizing standard 4G cellular networks as its core communication channel. Each controller can monitor and control digital and analog conditions associated with various systems and sensors.
The controller can monitor alarm conditions and activate Run/Stop commands for remote motors, pumps, gates and any device that is wired to the controller's built-in inputs and outputs.

Setting up the cellular I/O controller is achieved by sending English language SMS text messages. 
Use of software or PC is not required. Any command sent to the controller generates a text acknowledgement message from the controller.

A Point-to-point (P2P) setup enables the user to establish a 4G cellular wireless link between two extremely remote locations where each location contains a single SMS I/O controller.

A PLC or an operator located in station 'A' may select a Pump ON/OFF push buttom command to be sent as SMS text command to a remote PLC 
located in station 'B'. The distance between the two stations can be many KMs with no line of sight between the two stations. 
The PLC located in station 'A' and authorized users who are sharing the same 4G cellular P2P link will receive acknowledgements and alarm messages in the form of SMS text such as: "Pump has Stopped OR Water Flow Stopped".

When sending SMS text commands to the controller, authorised users are able to monitor and control up to eight digital inputs and four digital outputs which are wired to a wide range of remote industrial systems such as: Pumps, Motors, remote Irrigation systems, Irrigation Pivots, Diesel Generators, Silos, Fans, Lighting systems, PLCs and much more.

The SMS I/O controller will respond only to SMS commands sent by authorized users from their authorized mobile phone#.

A ZigSense smartphone App (Apple iOS) enables the users to combine SMS commands and graphical objects such as ON/OFF buttons.

The SMS I/O controller reports Alarm conditions by issuing predefined SMS text messages. 
Alarm contacts, Start/Stop switches or any other digital conditions, can be wired to the controller's inputs and report conditions such as: Pump is running, Pump has Stopped, Silo is half full, Water tank is empty / Full, Freezer Temperature is too high and much more.

For every SMS command sent by the user (administrator), the ZS4G-SMS cellular controller returns a confirmation text message advising the sender whether the command was successfully accomplished or not.

For safety and security the
ZS4G-SMS 4G cellular node constantly checks for the following conditions:

A. Was the message sent by an authorized cellular phone#?
B. Does the text message match the authorized syntax stored in the Controller's non volatile memory?

Erroneous syntax or/ SMS commands that were sent by unauthorized user name or phone number will be rejected.
A rejection message will be sent to both the sending phone number and to the system administrator.

Supported cellular network technology: GSM/4G, Quad band

Supported models:
  • Model ZS4G-SMS-2: 2xDin + 2xDout (relay) - Input/output monitoring and control. A built in GPS function is an option
  • Model ZS4G-SMS-P2P: 2xDin + 2xDout (Relay) - Point to Point pair (require two x 4G I/O controllers)
  • Model ZS4G-SMS-2-Sleeping: 2xDin + 2xDout (Relay). An ultra low power SMS controller designed for battery power.   
  • Note: The sleeping SMS controller can be powered by 12VDC battery. It will operate under a sleep cycle regime
  • Model ZS4G-SMS-Pulse: 2xDin + (Relay) 2xDout - For water meter pulse counting monitoring. A GPS function is an option
  • Model ZS4G-SMS-T2: 1xAin (Pressure) + 1xDin + 2xDout (Relay) - for Tank & Silo level monitoring. 1 x 0-5VDC signal is required
  • Model ZS4G-SMS-Temp: 1xAin (Temperaure) + 1xDin + 2xDout (Relay) - for general purpose Temperature monitoring using Thermistor
  • Model ZS4G-SMS-4: 4xDin + 4xDout (Relay) Input/output monitoring and control. A built in GPS function is an option
  • Model ZS4G-SMS-8: 8xDin + 4xDout (Power transistor) Input/output monitoring and control. A built in GPS function is an option

About SIM Cards:
A standard size SIM cards must be used. SIM card must not be locked!
Telstra uses 4G cellular networks at frequencies 850MHz, 1800MHz and 2100MHz.
Please order controller series 'J'
OPTUS and VODAFONE use 4G cellular networks at frequencies 900MHz and 2100MHz.
Please order controller series 'E'

Power supply: Each 4G SMS controller requires external power supply. 12VDC to 24VDC (500mA to 1A)
Setup & programming: No need for PC software! Simply send SMS instructions using your mobile phone
Setup data retention: 10 years retention. Stored in non-volatile memory
GPS functionality: Require special combined 4G + GPS antenna

SECURITY SYSTEMS?: Save on monthly fees by receiving your own alarm monitored notification via TEXT to your mobile

OWN HOLIDAY HOME? Avoid waiting hours for your hot water to heat up when you arrive. Use the SMS controller to plan your trip by remotely turning ON your heating and hot water welcoming you to a warm home when you arrive


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